The Tobas Bolivian dance

The Tobas Bolivian dance. The dance that represents the Amazonian regions of eastern Bolivia is the Tobas, with their dance they show part ...

Morenada dance bolivian

Morenada dance bolivian. The dance of the Morenada is one of the specialties of the Carnival of Oruro, then some information about this con...

The devil dance and the seven deadly sins

The devil dance and the seven deadly sins. The struggle between good and evil is reflected in the dance of the devil, The Archangel Michael...

The Supay China, female devil

The Supay China, female devil. In The dance of devil, the female character of the devil is the China Supay, also known as the female of the...

The Black dance or Tundiquis Bolivian

The Black dance or Tundiquis Bolivian. This is one of the dances that, like La Morenada and Los Caporales, evoke the suffering to which peo...

Favorite Miss Carnival of Oruro 2020

Favorite Miss Carnival of Oruro 2020. After the pre-selection of the favorite Miss of the Carnival of Oruro 2020, Jacinto Quispaya, preside...

Program and date of activities 2020

Saturday 15: Festival of Bands
Sunday 16: Last Entrance preparance
Thursday 20: Andean Anata Entrance
Friday 21: Challa And Uncle Treat
Sunday 23: Carnival Sunday entry
Monday 24: Diablo and Moreno Day
Tuesday 25: Traditional challa:
Sunday March 1: Children's Corsican
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Last treat

The last treat is the last tour that the ensembles and fraternities make along the carnival route before the grand entrance of the Oruro Carnival, on this day all the details are finalized and it is equivalent to a final rehearsal but it is not considered of that way, the dancers show the best of their dance.
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Festival of Bands

The Festival and Contest of Bands is one of the events that is part of the program of official activities of the Carnival. This event takes place one week before the main pilgrimage Saturday entrance. This year 2020 the band festival takes place on Saturday, February 15.
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The Favorite Miss 2020

The Carnival of Oruro has its favorite that is chosen among the representatives of the different groups and fraternities, for this there is a pre-selection phase, of 31 candidates reached the final phase 12 of which 5 obtained the titles of Miss Sympathy, Dance, Folk Costume, Elegance and Favorite. This year the favorite is Elena Romero Zambrana representative of the San Simón Caporales.
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Route of the entrance and parade 2020

The route that the dancers will take has not changed, it starts at Aroma and Potosí Streets and then down three blocks until August 6, on this avenue the route extends for 10 blocks until reaching Bolivar Street. By the Bolívar one goes up to the Main Square February 10 and then go to the Civic Avenue and finally to the Socavón temple.
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Entry role

The entry role of the fraternities and groups starts with the participation of the great Traditional Authentic Diablada Oruro, then the children of the Sun Incas fraternity to see the full role you can enter the following link.
Entrance Role of the Oruro Carnival 2020

Hotels in Oruro

To visit Oruro it is convenient to make the reservations of the rooms in the hotels several days in advance, because in the days of Carnival due to the large number of national and foreign visitors it is difficult to find rooms available in hotels near the Entrance. Some of the best known hotels are the Eden Hotel, Flores Plaza, Sucre, Galaxia.
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Restaurants and food in Oruro

There are several restaurants near the carnival route.