Favorite Miss Carnival of Oruro 2020

Favorite Miss Carnival of Oruro 2020

Favorite Miss Carnival of Oruro 2020.

After the pre-selection of the favorite Miss of the Carnival of Oruro 2020, Jacinto Quispaya, president of the Oruro Folklore Ensemble Association (ACFO) announced that the new representative of the Oruro Carnival would be elected on January 10.

Results of the Election of the Favorite Miss 2020

Miss Sympathy

Daniela Fernanda Miralles Zenteno
TITLE: Miss Sympathy
NAME: Daniela Fernanda Miralles Zenteno
INSTITUTION: Fraternity ‘Morenada Central Oruro’

Miss Elegance

Nelly Gabriela Echeverría
TITLE: Miss Elegance
NAME: Nelly Gabriela Echeverría Yaksic
INSTITUTION: ‘Diablada Ferroviaria’

Miss Dance

Vanessa Sergia Barral Ayala
NAME: Vanessa Sergia Barral Ayala
INSTITUTION: ‘Morenada Mejillones’

Miss Folkloric Costume

María Fernanda Chavez Gemio
TITLE: Miss Folkloric Costume
NAME: María Fernanda Chávez Gemio
INSTITUTION: ‘Northern Zone Flame’

Favorite Miss of the Carnival Oruro 2020

Elena Romero Zambrana
TITLE: Favorite Miss Carnival of Oruro 2020
NAME: Elena Antonia Romero Zambrana
INSTITUTION: Caporales Cultural Folkloric University College ‘San Simón’.


Last year, 31 candidates for the title of Miss Miss of the Carnival of Oruro 2020 were presented, 12 of them were shortlisted, who are the finalists qualified for the election on January 10.


The time has come to meet the brand new Miss of Carnival of Oruro 2020. The 12 finalists who will participate in the event are:

- Elena Antonia Romero Zambrana, from the Caporales Cultural Folkloric Fraternity University ‘San Simón’
- Daniela Fernanda Miralles Zenteno de la Fraternidad ‘Morenada Central Oruro’
- Laura Estefany Echalar Rojas of the set ‘Cullaguada Terribles Quirquinchos’
- María José Serrano Coca of the fraternity ‘Caporales CBN’
- Vanessa Sergia Barral Ayala of the group ‘Morenada Mejillones’
- María Fernanda Chávez Gemio of the traditional group ‘Llamerada Zona Norte’
- Alejandra Salmón Montes of the folk group bas Tobas Zona Sud ’.
- Kimberly Chelsea Ugarte of the ‘Caporales Reyes de la Tuntuna ENAF’
- Jessica Danitza Huanca Vicente of the traditional group ‘Tobas of the Central Zone’
- Alison Alondra Guzmán Andrade of the group of ‘Stylized Dance Suri Sicuri’
- Nelly Gabriela Echeverría Yaksic of the ‘Diablada Ferroviaria’
- Geraldine Dadeiva Huarayo Mansilla of the ‘Artistic Diablada Urus’

The participants gave all the best, but only one would take the title of Favorite Miss. In the final stage of the election, the five titles granted to five ladies of the fraternities and groups were announced, Daniela Fernanda Miralles Zenteno who stood out for her smile and stature took the title of Miss Sympathy, Nelly Gabriela Echeverría Yaksic was named Miss Elegance, Vanessa Sergia Barral Ayala who had an outstanding participation in the dance of the Morenada, took the title of Miss Dance, and as it could not be otherwise she also rewarded the best folk costume is so María Fernanda Chávez Gemio He took the title of Miss Folkloric Costume.

In the final stretch, the nerves were noticeable in the attendees and participants who hoped to know the outcome of the event, so Elena Antonia Romero Zambrana took the title of Favorite Miss of the Carnival of Oruro 2020.

Favorite Miss 2020 Elena Antonia Romero Zambrana

After the participation in swimsuit, folk costume finally the jury announced the name of the winner Elena Romero Zambrana, the representative of the Caporales San Simón who becomes the Favorite Miss of the Carnival of Oruro 2020.

Elena gave some criteria to the media "One of my goals is to raise awareness of the people who come to see our carnival, the theme of Alcohol is something delicate, to have joy you do not need alcohol to have that energy, look like dances , the costumes, the colors and the whole culture leading to promoting the Carnival nationally and internationally as far as we can go. "

It is not the first title that Elena Romero obtains, she came to the event of the election of the Favorite with extensive experience in catwalks and competitions, previously she participated in the Miss Chuquisaca contest from which she was the winner, later in the Miss Bolivia 2018 event, she had An outstanding participation was very close but in the end he won the title of Miss Bolivia Grand 2018.
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