The Tobas Bolivian dance

The Tobas Bolivian dance

The Tobas Bolivian dance.

The dance that represents the Amazonian regions of eastern Bolivia is the Tobas, with their dance they show part of the cultures that inhabited the jungle, but their influence reaches the entire highland region.

The dance

It is known as an acrobatic dance because its dance steps include a series of high and prolonged jumping, in addition agile movements are performed which requires a special physical preparation, because the route is long.


The Caciques

The Caciques in tobas Bolivian
In the Tobas the Cacique was the chief of the tribes who enjoyed certain privileges, whose leadership could be inherited, but the chosen one had to show special skills for hunting and fishing or for the cure of diseases. In dance it is about representing these customs and structures, the Caciques are the ones who lead the groups of dancers that are part of the tribes.

Tribes and ethnicities

Tobas Bolivian
In the Tobas the tribes were political units that were under the command of a chieftain. This figure is reflected in the dance, the dancers of the blocks are parts of these tribes. The dancers wear colorful costumes with feathers and are the ones who perform the most difficult steps with high jumps, agile movements.

History and origins

History tobas Bolivian
It has remote origins, when the Incas in the expansion of their domains passed through several territories. They expanded eastward to places where they met natives who used skins and had as heads a couple of shamans, who were engaged in rituals, in this way they joined the Incas and inhabitants of these jungle regions.

Groups and fraternities at the Oruro Carnival

The Fraternities and ensembles that dance the dance of the Tobas at the Oruro Carnival Entrance are the following:
- Tobas South Folkloric Ensemble
- Tobas Central Zone Fraternity
- Tobas Uru Uru Artistic and Cultural Complex
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