The Black dance or Tundiquis Bolivian

The Black dance or Tundiquis Bolivian

The Black dance or Tundiquis Bolivian.

This is one of the dances that, like La Morenada and Los Caporales, evoke the suffering to which people brought from Africa were subjected to enslave them during the Spanish Colony.

The symbiosis of the Bolivian peoples and cultures with the African people gave rise to the dance of the "Tundiquis" or Los Negritos.

Among the characters of the dance stands out the presence of the "caporal" mestizo son of Spanish father and black mother, the mulatto assumed the position of foreman to enforce the exploitation of minerals in the mines of Potosí and Oruro.

This character wore a large wide-brimmed hat, in addition to wearing a whip and boots with bells.

The dance of the Tundiquis or Negritos, is one of the 18 dance specialties of the Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the dancers are mostly young people who at the rhythm of the cheerful music venerate the Virgin of Socavón, in the city of Oruro, Bolivia, during the famous Oruro Carnival.
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